Online Booking Software

  • Personal

    Do you have personal classes or sessions that require seasonal appointments? Do you have a few clients whom you have to visit from time to time? Our Personal Plan will fit you perfectly. With limited number of appointments you can take advantage of this great service. Here are a few examples of professionals who may be interested in our Personal Plan.

    Business Coaches

    Being a business coach is no easy job. Teaching a client (or coachee) a new business process or strategy while trying to reach a certain professional goal takes a lot of time and discipline. To help business coaches achieve their own goals, we have developed this secure and easy-to-use web-based appointment booking system called


    Everyone experiences troubles at every single point of our lives. To help us cope with them, we turn to professional counselors for advice. But how do counselors themselves cope with the demands of several clients hoping to schedule an appointment all at the same time? comes to their rescue.

    Personal Training Businesses

    Whatever you’re teaching, we know it’s worth their time. Make your clients’ time count even more by using an Internet-based appointment scheduling system that guarantees security and confidentiality.

    Private Tutors and Tutorial Centers

    When you’ve got several students counting on your help in their upcoming exams, you’ve got to maximize the time you’ve got. Stop wasting time on taking phone calls from clients who are interested in booking a class. Start using a quick and easy-to-use online appointment booking website so that you can focus on the lesson at hand.
  • Basic

    If you own either a home office a sole proprietorship, our Basic Plan will be perfect for you. You can let your clients schedule their own appointments while you work on other aspects of your business. Our Basic Plan suits business owners who have no associates and run their business from home or from one location. Here are a few examples of businesses or professionals who may be interested in our Basic Plan.

    Golf Lesson Instructors and Businesses

    Now you can focus on helping your clients hit an albatross by devoting less of your time (and staff) on taking calls and scheduling appointments. With our online scheduling system, you can devote more of your time watching players at the courses instead of answering telephone calls.

    Flu Shot Providers

    It seems that every adult has suffered from flu at least once in his or her life. That is why the need for flu shots remains to be constantly high. To help ensure that patients get the flu shot that they need on their preferred schedule, why don’t you use our online appointments that let them set an appointment in your clinic without leaving the comforts of their home?

    Class, Seminar, and Workshop Organizers

    Planning special educational events like seminars, workshops, and other types of classes can be very tiring. Now you can eliminate the tedious task of answering each and every call by simply availing of our secure and user-friendly online appointment system.

    Athletes, Athletic Organizations, and Other Related Groups

    Athletes and other sports-involvedpeople usually have irregular work hours that are affected by sports seasons.An online scheduling system like Online frees up their precious time to prepare for the important season.
  • Standard

    Small businesses with multiple associates can take advantage of our Standard Plan. This plan allows you and your associates to have private calendars, while managed from one central point. Each associate have access to his own clients only, while the owner has full control to manage all associates and their clients.Here are a few examples of small businesses or professionals who may be interested in our Standard Plan.

    Health Clubs

    It’s a fact that people nowadays are increasingly becoming more health-conscious. Health clubs, fitness centers, or simply, gyms, are sprouting in almost every neighborhood in the city. To deal with the rising number of enrollees, gyms would be wise to use an effective online appointment system.

    Nail Salons

    Nail salons (or nail bars) may be new, but people’s (especially ladies’) desire to primp their nails is a long-standing need. Give their nails what they want and more by presenting an easy-to-use online appointment booking software.


    Whether your business is a traditional water treatment (i.e., balneotherapy) spa, a day spa, or a destination spa, your customers are always looking for more ways to feel relaxed and at ease. The Online system can help you at this.

    Healthcare Providers


    Acupuncture is the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment and art of inserting long needles into your body's different pressure points in order to facilitate better healing and whatnot. The business of acupuncture will definitely benefit from a quality online appointment system in order to facilitate enrollees and customer appointments.

    Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Practitioners

    There are many different forms of holistic health practices and alternative medicine out there that people avail of due to their affordability and their lack of reliance with powerful pharmaceuticals with possibly dangerous side effects. Whether your company specializes in herbal medicine or chiropractic practices, a good online appointment can ease long queues when dealing with potential customers.

    Blood Donor

    Blood donation for medicinal purposes is a welcome, profitable, and at-times charitable way for people to contribute to the medical field when it comes to blood transfusions and whatnot. However, the logistics of voluntary blood donation for transfusion purposes can be troublesome, especially when an emergency needs addressing. Luckily, you can depend on online appointment to manage such complexities.

    Service Providers

    There are many kinds of services provided by service providers, whether it's providing cable pay-per-view or even virtual offices that require some sort of Internet setup. Regardless of what kind of platform you provide or service you deliver, you'll need assistance when it comes to scheduling meetings, appointments, and deals that's best handled with advanced online appointment.


    A subcategory of Complementary and Traditional Medicine, the chiropractic field has earned its stripes when it comes to proving itself as an effective treatment against chronic pain of the musculoskeletal kind. With that in mind, in order to not keep your queue of customers waiting, having an online appointment in real-time and accessible through the Internet is what you need in order to facilitate client management.

    Flu Shot Providers

    Even when it comes to flu shot providers who have to deal with offering flu shots (whether through Medicare insurance or the government-backed universal healthcare) to everyone in need of them, the logistics of scheduling online appointments and clearing out the best date for the shots are crucial. Therefore, the Online Appointments system is a godsend when dealing with this aspect of the business.

    Massage Therapists

    Massage therapists have already too much in their hands (literally and proverbially) to have to deal with customer queues and schedules. A massage therapy center will definitely benefit from having their own Online Appointments system by a link on their website in order to organize and deal with upcoming appointments.

    Medical Offices

    Of all the businesses that are in need of Online Appointments, medical offices certainly require them the most. There are always emergencies, doctor's appointments, checkups, physicals, tests, x-rays, CAT scans, and much more happening in any given clinic or hospital, so having a handy Internet-based appointment scheduler on hand will be a huge boon to any medical facility.

    Medical Spas

    Medical spas are mostly different from traditional water treatment spas in terms of objectives; instead of being used for recreational use, these facilities are a mix between a medical clinic and a spa, with the spa part of the equation used to treat chronic bodily pain and musculoskeletal conditions. Surprise, surprise; they too are in need of online appointment software to manage customer meetings, appointments, and spa sessions.

    Wellness Program Providers

    Wellness program providers are among the busiest businesses out there when it comes to handling appointments and schedules. An online appointment application that could sort out who requires what is needed because wellness programs cover a whole spectrum of services, from chiropractic services to acupuncture and many other Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • Enterprise

    Mid-sized businesses, large corporations, Government, or educational providers would benefit from our Enterprise Plan. With multiple associates and multiple locations, they are in full control of their appointments. An HR department of a large corporation with over 20 interviews a day can streamline their scheduling systems by using our Enterprise package. Here are a few examples of small businesses or professionals who may be interested in our Enterprise Plan.

    Government Offices

    Citizens make a lot of demands from their governments. Don’t let online appointment booking software become one of them. Think one step ahead of them by availing now of our secure and easy-to-use appointment scheduling system.

    Military Organizations

    With an entire nation depending on your organization for their defense and security, you’ve got to use the most secure and effective systems as well. The website will help you organize meetings and other important events with key people while also ensuring that you have ample time to defend the nation’s peace and order.

    Colleges, Schools, Universities, and other Educational Institutions or Groups

    Whatever sizes your school or institution; we know how difficult it is to put up organized systems in place. That is why we’ve taken one burden off your shoulders by creating a hassle-free and features-rich system that will allow students to set appointments or meetings without going to the school themselves.

    Human Resource (HR) Consulting Companies

    An effective human resource system is exactly what your company requires in order to function as a business with every spoke in the wheel and every cog and gear fitting together to form a cohesive unit of sorts. The HR consultation features of your online appointment booking software will assist your HR department when it comes to scheduling interviews, knowing who's retiring, and preparing for upcoming job openings.

    Financial Advisors

    Finances and how effectively you make use of them is what makes the world of business go round. In order to keep your finances in check, your online appointment booking application can also be depended on when it comes to making financial meetings and spearheading a campaign to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your company.

    Auto Dealership Private Exhibitions

    No matter how huge of an auto dealership you have, you can always depend on the hassle-free, feature-rich appointment software in order to take care of all the logistics behind events like private exhibitions and tradeshows. Your staff won't get tied up finding the right venue and time if they're able to handle everything in advance through such software programs.

    Service Departments

    Although the term "service departments" might sound vague, it actually refers to the department of the company that's associated with the manufacturer. No matter how big or small your organization is, you can always count on appointment booking apps to facilitate manufacturer-related dealings, specifically when a delivery is going to be made and if there are any delays during such deliveries.