Our Specialties As An Appointment Manager

appointments247.com is a proud division and innovation of Healthy Media Incorporated.

    • Our Goal

    Our Goal

    We aspire to offer the highest level of technical service, combined with technical excellence and innovation through our thorough understanding of the advertising industry as well as the specific needs of individuals, small businesses, and companies that offer professional services. Our group was established by highly-qualified professionals in advertising, healthcare, and other related fields.

    • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Our Vision is to create a secure and effective tunnel between businesses and their clients using well designed and thoroughly developed systems. All our actions are anchored on two fundamental principles: Organizational Excellence and Core Values. To achieve our Vision, we strive to provide superior yet continuously evolving services in each and every area of our operations. Each of our divisions and units are governed by well-defined statements and fueled with a thirst for excellence.

    • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide individuals and businesses with a quick, easy, secure, and effective means of managing their appointments online. The appointments247.com system allows clients/patients to make appointments from wherever they are, whenever they need to. Over time, we wish to demonstrate how the Internet can replace traditional appointment books without compromising users’ privacy and security. We continuously develop and refine our system in order to provide this amazing service at the most affordable price.