We live in a fast-paced world and face so many responsibilities. Many of us feel bombarded with so much to do but so little time.
Because of this, time is more valuable than ever. If you wish to make the most out of your time, you need to use the best tools in the market. The Appointments24/7 online system is specially designed to offer ALL of the following special features that few of our current competitors have:


We value your clients’ comfort. Your clients/patients can schedule appointments from wherever they are, even when your business is closed. Your business telephone greeting or auto-attendant informs your clients to visit your website to make a real-time appointment. They can view, reschedule, or cancel their appointments anytime. They save time (no need to call your office) and gasoline (no need to drop by your office to set up an appointment). Which client wouldn’t love that?

We value your comfort. You can log on to the Appointments24/7 system anytime and anywhere to view, modify, or cancel scheduled appointments.


We value your associates too. You can set up multiple associates, each with their own calendars, vacations, clients, etc. Even better, all associates can be managed from one central office using only one login-ID.

Staff management

We value your staff’s convenience too. Your personnel can book meetings, vacations, and other appointments in your schedule anytime and anywhere they wish.


We value all of your clinics/offices. That’s why we made our system in such a way that you can manage multiple locations for the same practice. Each of your office can have its own calendar, vacation, clients, etc.


We value your security. All of your data and transactions in the Appointments24/7 website are safely encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure maximum security.

Clients who wish to set an appointment are required to register. During registration, our system collects vital data such as the client’s location, IP address, etc. By doing so, you have a lesser chance of encountering spyware, robot-software, and fraud.


We value your privacy. Unlike other available online appointments websites, our system does NOT reveal your schedule or availability. Our well-designed system queries your appointment book (secure Database) and provides your clients/patients with the two closest available timeslots to their preferred time. They can select from those or submit a new preferred timeslot. There is no way for anyone to view your entire schedule.

Learn more about our strict Privacy Policy.


We use your existing website as it is. Unlike other online appointment websites, our system does NOT require you to make any major changes to your website. You simply need to add a link to your website and you’re good to go!

And if you don’t have a website yet, we offer a one-page website for FREE when you sign up. All you need to do is register your domain name. (If you need a website with more pages, we can help. Click here to know what we can do.)


We value your precious time. By using our system, you can effectively reduce the number of “no-shows” and thus, use your time more productively. By allowing your clients/patients to manage their appointments without having to call, you can reduce the number of “no-show” clients/patients and devote your time to other things.

By allowing clients/patients to set appointments online, you can also successfully reduce time-consuming incoming calls so that your hired staff can increase its productivity and devote their time to other responsibilities.

Multiple viewing options

We value your plans. To improve ease of use as well as assist you in making short-, medium-, and long-term plans, our online appointment system is set up so that you can choose from monthly, weekly, or daily schedule views. This allows you to see from the short to the long-term and adjust your plans accordingly.


We value your preferences. You can set appointment durations based on the type of appointment. For example, a first-time client/patient can have longer appointment duration than repeat clients/patients. Our unique system features “visit-types”, which allow you to assign fixed durations base on the nature of the patient’s symptoms.
Our special calendar can be fully customized to suit your needs. You can indicate your vacation dates, your free times, your lunch times (if any), staff meetings, and so on. You can even customize your schedule by the hour, every day, or even for weeks at a time.


We value your appointments. Appointments24/7 sends you real-time notifications in the form of e-mail or SMS whenever an appointment is set, modified, or cancelled by you or the client/patient. You can customize these notifications and even turn them off completely if you wish.


We tell you what you need to know. The Appointments24/7 ToolTip allows you to view your client’s/patient’s vital personal and medical health data without opening the appointment itself. When appointment reminder calls are due, your patient’s phone numbers are just a ToolTip away. You can also receive reports about a specific client’s past and upcoming appointments.


Are you ready to free up your time and increase your productivity? Click here to sign up for the Appointments24/7 services now.If you have any question, you may reach us here.