Scheduling Appointments Online

Below are just some of our most frequent clients in various fields. Read how our secure and efficient online appointment system helps these institutions, groups, and businesses save time and increase productivity.


Athletes, Athletic Organizations, and Other Related Groups
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate for athletes and sports competitors from the year 2010 to 2020 is 22 percent (or around 3,600 additional jobs). This is faster than the average growth rate of 14 percent for all listed occupations. Athletes and other sports-involvedpeople usually have irregular work hours that are affected by sports seasons.An online scheduling system like Online frees up their precious time to prepare for the important season.

Health Clubs
It’s a fact that people nowadays are increasingly becoming more health-conscious. Health clubs, fitness centers, or simply, gyms, are sprouting in almost every neighborhood in the city. To deal with the rising number of enrollees, gyms would be wise to use an effective online appointment system.


Beauty Salons
Beauty salons, beauty parlors, beauty shops… Whatever their name, a lot of us can’t live without them (especially the ladies). Many flock to beauty shops in order to pamper themselves after a long week at work. Pamper your customers even more by making it convenient for them to schedule an appointment by using our online appointment system.

Nail Salons
Nail salons (or nail bars) may be new, but people’s (especially ladies’) desire to primp their nails is a long-standing need. Give their nails what they want and more by presenting an easy-to-use online appointment booking software.

Whether your business is a traditional water treatment (i.e., balneotherapy) spa, a day spa, or a destination spa, your customers are always looking for more ways to feel relaxed and at ease. The Online system can help you at this.

Tanning Salons
If you own a tanning salon, your customers might also enjoy using web-based scheduling software like what we offer. After all, one of the chief reasons why people flock to tanning salons is because save time instead of sitting outdoors trying to get a tan all day. Our software will help them save time and energy in scheduling an appointment in your salon.


Business Coaches
Being a business coach is no easy job. Teaching a client (or coachee) a new business process or strategy while trying to reach a certain professional goal takes a lot of time and discipline. To help business coaches achieve their own goals, we have developed this secure and easy-to-use web-based appointment booking system called

Everyone experiences troubles at every single point of our lives. To help us cope with them, we turn to professional counselors for advice. But how do counselors themselves cope with the demands of several clients hoping to schedule an appointment all at the same time? comes to their rescue.

Financial/401K Advisors
With so many employees all across the country working tirelessly from nine to five, financial/401K advisers have a lot of work to do as well. These advisers have a heavy load on their shoulders: they help ensure that companies are choosing the most suitable service provider/s at the best price, keeping a close eye on investments, informing plan participants of important updates, and many other tasks. Financial advisors ultimately help employees to reach their retirement goals. An Internet-based appointment scheduling system would be of great use to them.

Human Resource (HR) Consulting Companies
As early as 2006, HR consulting was already appraised as an $18.4-billion-dollar industry. HR companies deal with a lot of things, including improving improvement strategies, managing human capital, planning health and benefits, reviewing mergers and acquisitions, enhancing communication avenues, and brainstorming for retirement plans. With a lot of things already on their plate, we are certain that can help HR firms improve their own productivity and time management.


Class, Seminar, and Workshop Organizers
Planning special educational events like seminars, workshops, and other types of classes can be very tiring. Now you can eliminate the tedious task of answering each and every call by simply availing of our secure and user-friendly online appointment system.

Colleges, Schools, Universities, and other Educational Institutions or Groups
Whatever sizes your school or institution; we know how difficult it is to put up organized systems in place. That is why we’ve taken one burden off your shoulders by creating a hassle-free and features-rich system that will allow students to set appointments or meetings without going to the school themselves.

Driving Schools
We know that you’re striving to offer the best driving lessons in the city, so we’ve decided to help you out. can handle all of your scheduling needs by allowing students to set appointments or classes at your driving school from the comfort of their home (or wherever they have Internet and a working browser).

Golf Lesson Instructors and Businesses
Now you can focus on helping your clients hit an albatross by devoting less of your time (and staff) on taking calls and scheduling appointments. With our online scheduling system, you can devote more of your time watching players at the courses instead of answering telephone calls.

Personal Training Businesses
Whatever you’re teaching, we know it’s worth their time. Make your clients’ time count even more by using an Internet-based appointment scheduling system that guarantees security and confidentiality.

Private Tutors and Tutorial Centers
When you’ve got several students counting on your help in their upcoming exams, you’ve got to maximize the time you’ve got. Stop wasting time on taking phone calls from clients who are interested in booking a class. Start using a quick and easy-to-use online appointment booking website so that you can focus on the lesson at hand.


Government Offices
Citizens make a lot of demands from their governments. Don’t let online appointment booking software become one of them. Think one step ahead of them by availing now of our secure and easy-to-use appointment scheduling system.

Military Organizations
With an entire nation depending on your organization for their defense and security, you’ve got to use the most secure and effective systems as well. The website will help you organize meetings and other important events with key people while also ensuring that you have ample time to defend the nation’s peace and order.


The demand for acupuncturists has clearly skyrocketed in the past few years. With its many reported benefits to the body and mind, it makes sense that more and more people are learning to love this centuries-old form of Chinese medicine. Our online appointment system will allow your trained staff to focus on giving effective acupuncture sessions instead of taking customer calls every few minutes.

Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Practitioners
The proof is all around us: health spas, acupuncture, Ayurveda, all types of yoga, all types of massages, tai-chi classes, healing herbs, herbal supplements, qi gong, and the list goes on and on… People of this era are officially hooked on means that use alternative medicine and promote holistic health. The demand is said to increase even more in the coming years. For your business cope with the steady rise in clients, a web-based system for scheduling appointments will be of enormous help.

Blood Donor Service Providers
Countless of people all over the world require blood transfusions. Being a blood bank is no easy feat, especially since your operations can literally spell the difference between life and death in affected people. We want to help you help those who need blood. We have made meticulously-designed software that will allow patients or their relatives to set appointments from wherever, whenever they need to.

Almost all people have experienced dislocating a bone or straining a muscle. In such cases, chiropractors can come to their rescue. Chiropractors deal with problems involving the musculoskeletal system: the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. If you’re a chiropractor, you would want to make things a lot more comfortable for your injured patient. One way to aid them is by offering an easy-to-use online appointment scheduling website like

Flu Shot Providers
It seems that every adult has suffered from flu at least once in his or her life. That is why the need for flu shots remains to be constantly high. To help ensure that patients get the flu shot that they need on their preferred schedule, why don’t you use a software that lets them set an appointment in your clinic without leaving the comforts of their home?

Massage Therapists
Medical Offices
Medical Spas
Wellness Program Providers and Businesses


Indoor Cycling Class and Other Fitness Class Businesses
Sports Facilities and Equipment Businesses
Tennis Court (and Other Courts or Fields) Owners/Managers
Tours (walking, bicycle, Segway, boat, etc.) Organizers and Businesses


Automotive Service and Repair Mechanics and Businesses
Answering Services and Call Centers
Church Event Organizers
Day Care Businesses
Dock Shipping and Receiving Businesses
Interpreters and Translators
Interview Scheduling Software Professionals
Pet Services/Grooming Service Providers or Businesses
Room Scheduling Service Providers
Service Call Management/Home Service Providers
Tax Services and Other Professional Service Providers
Trade Show Organizers
Volunteer Scheduling Groups


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